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Chief Scientific Officer

Mr. Kincaid joined Aeovian in March 2020 as Chief Scientific Officer. He brings 25 years of drug discovery experience where his teams have led several compounds into clinical trials.  He is an Inventor on over 50 patent applications.

Prior to joining, Mr. Kincaid was a scientific founder and acting Head of Discovery for Nflection Therapeutics, a company focused on novel therapies for patients with neurofibromatosis type 1. There he led a virtual discovery team that identified a novel MEK1 inhibitor for topical applications. He actively participated in Series A financing that raised $20 million with prominent venture capital firms.

Before Nflection, Mr. Kincaid was Managing Director of Synterys, Inc., a medicinal chemistry service provider and incubator with state-of-the art U.S-based facilities. He worked with virtual start-up companies, helping to establish their early stage discovery platforms to achieve value inflection points for additional financing and/or partnerships.

Mr. Kincaid also served as Senior Director of Drug Discovery at Renovis, a discovery and early stage clinical company in neurological and inflammatory diseases (acquired by Evotec, AG in 2008). There he invented novel P2X7 antagonists for the treatment of inflammatory disorders and novel antagonists of P2X2/3 with potential first-in-class treatments for inflammatory/neuropathic pain and urinary disorders. He also invented Novel TRPV1 antagonists, which were partnered with Pfizer, Inc. in a global collaboration and licensing deal representing $170 million of potential value. As a member of the joint Renovis-Pfizer Research Steering Committee, Mr. Kincaid oversaw cross-company activities across California, Nagoya, Japan, and Sandwich, U.K. sites.  

Prior to Renovis, Mr. Kincaid held multiple Discovery Science roles at ImClone Systems, Amgen Inc., and Abbot Laboratories. Mr. Kincaid received a BA in Chemistry from the Illinois Institute of Technology and was Research Assistant in Dr. Arun Ghosh’s lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he contributed to the design and synthesis of HIV protease inhibitors including Darunavir, approved by the FDA in 2006.

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