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Nils co-founded Apollo Health Ventures in 2017 with the mission to target the root cause of aging and age-related diseases. He has shaped Apollo's strategy as a leading transatlantic venture creation firm and early stage investor in the aging sector. During his tenure at Apollo, Nils has led the firm to various company creations, deals and the successful closing of two fund generations. Next to Aeovian, Nils currently serves on the board of Samsara Therapeutics and other company creation projects.


Nils has more than 25 years of venture capital experience, especially in leading early stage companies on their scale-up and growth path. Prior to founding Apollo Health Ventures. Nils founded the venture creation firm TruVenturo. Under the TruVenturo umbrella, Nils has been a co-founder of more than 15 companies and has led 6 of them to successful exits.

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